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Larger Map

Server List

Server Name IP Address Ports Default Cloaked (+x) Location Server Owner Status


Normal: 6667,6668,6669,7000 SSL: 6697 YES Sydney, NSW, Australia Snowpony, Stephen Online


Normal: 6667,7000 SSL: 6697 NO Vienna, Austria, Europe KingTaibu Online Normal: 6667,7000 SSL: 6697 NO Nuremberg, Germany, Europe Eisfuchs Online


Normal: 6667,7000 SSL: 6697 NO Frankfurt, Germany, Europe Hurga Online Normal: 6667,7000 SSL: 6697 YES Fremont, California, USA Tursiae Online

SSL Fingerprints for all servers, and certificates for the issuing CA are available from the SSL Information page.

Special Note: While +i (invisible) and +x (cloaking) are not enabled by default across all servers, the modes are available and can be user applied once connected to any server.

Users do not need to connect to a specific server just to have a cloaked hostmask. It is recommended that you connect to a server geologically closest to your location or use the DNS rotators as outlined below.

Round Robin Addresses

Address Region Servers World Wide All Servers World Wide (IPV6) Panther, Alicorn , Kinglion Europe Panther, Kinglion, Lynx USA Wolf Australasia Alicorn