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Furnet Code of Conduct: Users

v1.00 as of 15th March, 2004

  • You will not evade bans (including but not limited to channel bans and /ignore masks).
  • You will not place bots on the network without seeking prior approval (see Bot Policy).
  • You will not break clone limits (excessive connections from the one host) without prior approval.
  • You will not engage in denial of service attacks on users or network infrastructure. These include repetitive invites and flooding via CTCP/DCC.
  • You will not engage in acts that attempt to violate others' privacy, or spread any malicious links or content. This includes, but is not limited to, IRC client exploits, web browser exploits (including history stealing), malware, viruses, and trojans whether by sending links, CTCP messages or DCCing files. If you receive any malicious links or content, please report them to our help channel #furnet.
  • You will not attempt to gain unauthorized access or disrupt the normal operation of the servers or connecting client machines.
  • You will not conduct/engage in illegal activity which includes but is not limited to: distributing or advertising (via in channel comments or the use of QUIT/LEAVE messages) the distribution of copyrighted materials (excluding copyrights which you own or have distribution rights), procuring minors for sexual acts, conspiring to commit high treason and/or terrorism, inciting hate crimes or racism.
  • You will not harass any user or administrator via the Furnet IRC network. Harassment can be described as:
    • A course of vexatious comment or conduct that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome.
    • The repeated diminishing of one person by another in ways which are intended to undermine their self-confidence or lower their self-esteem.
    • Unwelcome or offensive behavior by one person to another.
    • The act of tormenting by continued persistent attacks and criticism.
    • Unsolicited words, gestures, and actions which tend to annoy, alarm and abuse another person.
  • Since the act of harassment can be subjective, should harassment accusations be brought to the attention of Furnet Administration then the final judgment on whether such activity is defined as harassment will be left to the IRCOP dealing with the matter.
  • Users should explore the use of /ignore, the assistance of the channel operators and other client based filtering methods before asking for further assistance from Furnet Administration staff. Assistance for how to use these tools can be received in #furnet.
  • You will not use open proxy services to connect to Furnet. Open proxies are proxies which allow outside (i.e. from the Internet) connections to Furnet which include but is not limited to non-passworded proxies and proxies with publicly published user-names and passwords.
  • You will not allow bots under your control to break any of these rules.

We do not automatically monitor the content of conversation or file transfer in order to enforce these policies, however if we become aware of breaches of our policy then we will take action. We will honor any requests by law enforcement agencies to the best of our abilities.

The above actions are subject to warning, /kill or temporary /AKILL. Repetitive abuse will be reported to the Administration and leads to possible nick or channel suspension/loss/permanent banning. Repetitive abuse may also be reported to the offender's ISP.

Web IRC, Bouncers, Proxies

Operators of sites that contain multiple users are responsible for the actions of any users connected though their systems. To avoid site-wide bans of your site, please ensure that a method is available to distinguish individual users from your system (including but not limited to proper IDENT daemons and/or individual IP addresses on a per user basis). This information should be communicated to Furnet Administration along with a suitable contact email address in the event of abuse issues arising.


Furnet is an un-moderated forum and as such is not suitable for minors. Adult supervision is strongly advised.


Furnet is a non-profit community effort based on privately donated resources. It is a privilege and not a right to use Furnet. This privilege can be revoked at any time. We accept no liability for the availability or suitability of Furnet to your equipment and/or needs, or any damages caused by connecting to Furnet. Use at your own risk. Furnet should be considered at all times an unsecured method of communication. These rules are subject to change without notice.

By connecting to Furnet you consent to your public IP address being scanned via our proxy scanners.

Network staff will be there to help you, but if you abuse staff they may well /ignore you. Staff whom are busy may direct you to #furnet - the help channel.

By connecting to this network you agree to be bound to these Rules of Conduct.