Furnet Services

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Furnet Services

Furnet is running the UnrealIRCd server software. Documentation can be found on the official Unreal IRCd site.

There are Several Services Bots powered by Anope available to users and each one has detailed help files.

The Services Bots available to users are

  • Nickserv - The bot used to register and identify nicks
  • Chanserv - The bot used to control [Channels|channels]
  • BotServ - The bot used to control a chanserv services bot in your channel
  • MemoServ - The bot used to send offline messages to other registered users

Each of these bots have extensive help files all accessible using the 'help' command eg.

/msg nickserv help

Almost all answers to questions you may have will be available via the help commands on each of the bots so read the help carefully.

However we do realize that not all questions are answered in the help pages so users can either:

  • Review the official documentation for services on Anope Documentation. Minor differences may exist between the official documentation and the version currently running on Furnet.
  • Join #furnet for additional queries but we ask you try the documentation 1st as there may not be an admin around to assist you with your query at the time.