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Furnet News

October 8, 2012 :: hardware failure ::

Yesterday, suffered a failure with its harddisk RAID setup, subsequently taking the server offline. The issue is not yet completely fixed, so there might be still netsplits ahead. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Eisfuchs

June 13, 2010 :: IRC Server Vulnerability ::

A number of you alerted us about the security vulnerability in some of the UnrealIRCd code bases. We checked our servers and found them not affected by the malicious code. So Furnet is clean. Thank you for your reports! Eisfuchs

January 31, 2010 :: Twitter ::

For updates on network status, follow @furnet on Twitter. Tursiae

January 31, 2010 :: Security Configuration Change ::

As a reaction to today's spam attacks, Furnet is changing server configurations. Unfortunately this requires a restart of all servers. You will see a number of netsplits tonight, and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the change. Thank you for your attention and see you on the other side! Eisfuchs

November 10, 2009 :: SSL Connection Updates and Documentation ::

We recently updated the SSL certificates on all Furnet IRC servers, bringing them under a single certificate authority. More information at the SSL Information page. Tursiae

September 24, 2007 :: New Channel Registration Form ::

We improved the channel registration process and added a new registration form, Please do not use the regular mail form for channel requests anymore. Instead, use the new form at Eisfuchs

January 19, 2007 :: Documentation moving to Wiki ::

To make it easier to keep the web pages and documentation current, we have moved the content to Wiki. If you're interested in helping with the content, please ask an IrcOp for an account. Hurga

October 4, 2004 :: Services update ::

Services update:

  • A memory corruption issue has been fixed which damaged channel descriptions and caused a few services crashes. Please check if your channel description is still correct.
  • Services, most notably global, should now use notice instead of message as default communication method. After you identified, you can control this with the nickserv SET MSG flag.
  • The LEAVESPLITOPS flag has been reintroduced to chanserv. This was accidentally left out when we moved from Epona to Anope. If you set leavesplitops to on, there won't be any mass deops anymore on your channel when the services return from split or a maintenance restart. But be careful: Depending on your other chanserv settings, it might be possible to gain ops by riding splits, if you have with LEAVESPLITOPS switched on. Hurga

Thanks again to Eisfuchs for his work on the code!

August 2, 2004 :: New services running ::

We have migrated IRC services from the old unmaintained Epona version, with Aetobatus' FurNet specific patches, to Anope. Most of the patches have been ported to Anope (thanks Eisfuchs!), but a few are still missing. They will be added in the next few days. Hurga

August 1, 2004 :: Furnet-users mailing list active again ::

The FurNet-users mailing list has moved and is now active again after having been somewhat dysfunctional before. You can subscribe to it, or edit your subscription, at Hurga

July 13, 2004 :: Web mail form to contact the admins ::

The admins have been drowning in spam to the admin mailing list for some time, so we locked the list against mail from the outside and created a mail form instead for the users to reach the admins. It can be found at And of course, there's still our help channel #furnet. Hurga

May 3, 2004 :: Webpages current again ::

A lot has happened in the meantime... but I hope things have cooled down a bit by now. Most of these news aren't really news anymore, but here's some first-paw info for those who don't want to rely on gossip.

  • First of all, there's no need to worry about Furnet. Your favorite furry IRC network won't go away anytime soon.
  • We lost two servers over some ugly politics I won't go into detail about. But their replacements are already active. For a current listing, see the servers page.
  • The current services code base is somewhat unreliable, as you may have noticed already. We're working on a conversion of the services database to a better maintained and hopefully more stable code base. Hurga