Common Tasks

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Common Tasks

Registering Nicknames

Registration of nicknames is handled via the NickServ services system. To register a nickname, connect using the nickname you wish to register and type:

   /msg nickserv register password email

You must provide a valid email address when registering an account, as you will be e-mailed a verification code that you must use to finalize the registration of your nickname.

The password you choose here protects your account. You should not give it out to anyone. Administrators of the network will never ask you for the password.


When you log into Furnet using a registered nickname, you will be prompted by NickServ to enter the password:

   /msg nickserv identify password

Before you can get automatically opped in a channel or make any changes to your profile you must identify with this password, by following the instructions mailed to you.

Nicknames must be used at least once every 60 days by identifying to NickServ with your password, or the registration will expire.

Grouping Nicknames

You may register more than one nickname at a time. To do so, you should link the new nickname to the old one instead of registering it separately. As before, log in using the nickname you wish to register and type:

   /msg nickserv group original_nick original_password

In this case, original_nick is a nickname you have already registered and original_password is the password for that nickname. Your new nickname will have the same password as your existing nickname.

The 'nickserv set' command

There are a lot of options that can be set with your NickServ profile on Furnet. For a List:

   /msg nickserv help set

will show you all the commands available to you as a user.

You can get more details on each 'set' option by typing:

   /msg nickserv help set command

It is recommended that you look though these settings for options you may want to enable such as 'secure' or 'kill'

Each option has detailed help on what the setting does so read though the help before you enable the option.

Changing your Password

There might be a day where you accidentally type or post your NickServ password into an IRC channel. Do not PANIC and drop your nick - there is a simple command to change your password.

   /msg nickserv set password newpassword

Assuming you are already identified this will instantly change your password to a new one. Remember if your using auto login scripts to adjust your password there too.

Lost Password Recovery

If you lost your NickServ password, you can set a new one using the following procedure.

1. Type

   /msg nickserv sendpass nickname

This will send a temporary password to the email address on record with your nickname. It is a good idea to keep this information current because it's the only way (except from the password) to identify the owner of the nick.

2. Type

   /msg nickserv identify temppass

using the temporary password you were sent in email. Until now, your old password still worked.

3. Set a new password by following the Changing your Password instructions above.

The temporary password is now disabled, which means the password recovery procedure could be repeated, if necessary.

This procedure is necessary because the passwords are encrypted on the server for security reasons, so it is impossible to send you your old password.

Registering Channels

To register a channel, lodge a request via the Furnet Channel Registration Website. Please include the following:

  • Your (registered) nickname
  • Channel name
  • The nickname of a successor (i.e. someone who gets the channel if you disappear)
  • A one line channel description of the channel you want to register (please keep this brief)

This information will be sent to the Furnet administrators and registered generally within 3-10 days depending on how busy the admins are with their own lives and as long as there are no objections amongst the admins to the channel. A list of newly registered channels will be sent to the furnet-users mailing list frequently. If there are no objections from the users the requested channels will remain registered.

NOTE: Do not send a password for your channel when registering, this will be allocated later.

After your registration has gone through, please change the password for your channel to something you can remember. But make sure it's not something anyone else could guess. The command for changing your channel's password is:

   /msg chanserv set #channel password your_new_password_here

You may set the system to automatically give voice to registered users who enter the channel by entering the following command:

   /msg chanserv vop #channel add user

You may set the system to automatically op users who enter the channel by entering the following command:

   /msg chanserv aop #channel add user

You may give others the ability to add or remove voiced or opped users with the following command:

   /msg chanserv sop #channel add user

Many more options are available. You can get a list of additional options with the following command:

   /msg chanserv help