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Web Client Policy

Furnet does not allow web clients or gateways to connect to the network except under a limited set of rules. This policy has been imposed due to widespread abuse in past of open gateways to the network.

Java/client-based web clients

Java and other clients that run from a webpage, on the user's computer are permitted on the network under the following set of rules:

  • The client must have a fixed ident that makes it possible for IRCOps to identify the site from which the users are connecting.
  • The real name field must be set to the user's login name on the site, or if this is not possible, the URL of the web client.
  • The client must be locked down to only permit chat within a single fixed channel related to the site.
  • Private messages are permitted.
  • WHOIS, CTCPs (including ping), listing and joining other channels must be disabled.
  • Furnet administration must be notified via the contact form before the client is made available on your site.

One client that we have had experience with is PJIRC; a Java-based applet that can be used to connect to an IRC server. Recommended settings are detailed below.

Recommended Settings for PJIRC

The below settings are a recommended baseline for complying with Furnet web client requirements - please modify "example.org" to match your own site.

<param name="nick" value="ExampleFurry???">
<param name="name" value="Example.org Web Client - User JohnSmith">
<param name="userid" value="exampledotorg">
<param name="quitmessage" value="Example.org Web Client User">

<param name="host" value="irc.furnet.org">
<param name="port" value="6667">
<param name="serveralias" value="Furnet">

<param name="useinfo" value="true">
<param name="allowdccfile" value="false">
<param name="allowdccchat" value="false">
<param name="authorizedjoinlist" value="none+#exampledotorg">
<param name="command1" value="/join #exampledotorg">
<param name="authorizedcommandlist" value="none+me+msg+action+query+mode+ignore">
<param name="gui" value="pixx">
<param name="pixx:showchanlist" value="false">

Flash-based clients

We do not permit Flash-based clients on the network for technical reasons. Any Flash client that connects to a domain other than the originating site requires a Flash Policy Server, which is a proprietary package provided by Adobe that must be run on the destination host. All Furnet servers are run in a secure fashion, and running this untrusted software may introduce security problems which the administrators are not willing to deal with.

Server-based (CGI) gateways

Services such as Mibbit, Web-IRC and any CGI:IRC-based service are not permitted on the network, as they attract undesirable types who will often use these services for abuse and conduct in violation of the network's Code of Conduct.

If you want to run a private CGI-based IRC gateway, it must be locked down by username and password, and Furnet administration must be notified before such a client is permitted on the network - for your safety, and ours.

Queries or Problems?

Please contact the administrators on the network in #furnet if you have any queries as to what is required for a web client to connect to Furnet. In some circumstances, we may negotiate exceptions to these conditions.