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Furnet Code of Conduct: Staff

v1.00 as of 15th March, 2004

  • All of the Code of Conduct for Users applies to IRC Operators and Furnet Helpers.
  • You will not interfere with channel management:
    • Flooders should be dealt with by channel ops.
    • Don't use your o-line or services abilities to manipulate a channel unless you are doing so to prevent abuse or assist channel ops within the channel at their request (make sure you have logs to support such usage!)
    • If services are down or a channel is unregistered and a channel owner requests ops, but you don't know anyone who is on the access list then use your best judgment and log your actions to the admin mailing list.
  • You are expected to help users and respond to polite requests for help:
    • If you are too busy, direct them to #furnet.
    • Make sure you are not invisible (umode +i) whilst OPERed.
    • You do not have to take abuse from users, but by the same token you may not at any point use your o-line or increased services access to exact revenge.
  • You will behave professionally in network channels:
    • Our only network-owned channel is #furnet (others may be founded in the future). In network-owned channels you will not abuse users in any way. Abusive users should be banned using standard channel tools only and you will be expected to /ignore them.
  • You will behave professionally on other networks:
    • If it is brought to our attention that you have brought our network into disrepute by e.g. mass advertising us on another network, you may be subject to disciplinary action and/or removal from Furnet Administration.
  • Keep your fellow Furnet Administration staff informed:
    • If you can't fulfill your duties or be present on the network for an extended period of time, explain to the administration mailing list. This is not likely to pose a problem if the situation is temporary.
    • If you set an AKILL mail the administration mailing list logs within 24 hours and your justification.
  • Use your best judgment when setting AKILLS:
    • AKILLS are for use when someone breaks the Code of Conduct for Users only. They should not be used for channel moderation.
    • A warning should precede all AKILLS where practical.
    • AKILLS should be set with a clear description for the reason of being set. The duration of an AKILL should no longer than 1 week for most first offenses and is left to the judgment of the IRCOP. Where suitable a 24 hr AKILL should be used for first offenses by emotionally distraught individuals as a cooling off period.
    • AKILLS longer than one week should be accompanied with supporting documentation to justify the extended period, including but not limited to repeat offending, threats to disrupt the network or solid evidence of illegal activity.
  • Keep up to date (and keep your fellow IRCOPS/Furnet Helpers up-to-date):
    • Detail any changes to Furnet structure or policy at least 48 hours in advance (except in emergency situations) to allow time for peer review to the administration mailing list.
    • Keep up to date with the day to day activity in the administrator mailing list. Should this not be practical for a short term duration please inform the administration mailing list so that they are aware of your temporary hiatus.
  • The Administration Mailing list and #furnet may contain sensitive information:
    • All information given on the Administration Mailing list and #furnet should be considered confidential to the IRCOPs and/or Furnet Helpers unless otherwise explicitly noted. This is to protect user privacy.