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General Information

Furnet is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network for the global furry community, and provides a network of IRC servers in Europe, the United States and Australia.

You can connect to Furnet by using one of our servers mor DNS rotators, both unencrypted and SSL encrypted.

To get started on Furnet IRC, we suggest you join one of the larger all-ages channels such as #softpaws or #feline. When connected to the network, use the /list command to get a list of the available channels.

Furnet's official help channel is #furnet. To contact the network's administrators, please use the general inquiries mail form.

For discussion among Furnet's users about current events, channel registrations etc, there is the furnet-users mailing list. To subscribe or edit an existing subscription, please visit the mailing list website.

Please note that the network does not issue vhosts; please ensure you either have reverse (and forward) DNS correctly configured for a vanity hostmask. Use of the user mode +x will also hide the first component of your hostname.