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Connecting over SSL (encrypted communication)

For your privacy, we suggest that where possible, users connect to Furnet via a SSL-secured connection. All of Furnet's servers support SSL, on port 6697 with a certificate signed by the Furnet SSL Certificate Authority.

Documentation for mIRC

Documentation for Chatzilla

SSL Configuration

Furnet has recently changed the SSL configuration on the network's servers to provide a simpler and more secure service. Previously, all servers have been using self-signed certificates that were in no way inter-linked. We now have a Furnet certificate authority that issues all certificates for network servers. It is highly suggested that you obtain a copy of the Furnet Root CA, and configure your IRC client to use these certificates when connecting to Furnet servers via SSL.

Server Name Certificate Issued Certificate SHA1 Fingerprint 2012-11-10 ‎51:3a:92:90:00:fb:21:5b:79:d0:44:c2:71:5c:4f:4b:ed:3e:2a:a9 2012-11-10 ‎81:9b:70:c8:9d:3d:b5:46:a3:42:cb:45:03:b3:2b:b2:54:83:3c:94 2009-11-07 8A:D4:46:08:C8:D4:73:40:BA:A8:79:B3:08:F4:6D:4D:EC:51:08:A4 2012-11-10 ‎29:cf:8f:31:5d:5d:07:82:36:01:bd:76:32:7c:f8:30:c4:8f:bd:eb 2012-11-10 ‎00:66:d6:ab:5e:0b:87:f2:94:04:77:67:73:fb:5f:d9:d5:f3:ec:bc 2012-11-10 ‎c8:66:25:4b:55:bd:4c:d5:79:ae:be:1a:f3:5b:5b:3f:ed:ae:17:d0 2009-11-07 1C:97:7A:43:E9:6D:A0:A4:C1:E2:8A:EF:CE:AE:41:85:9B:29:40:9E
Intermediary CA 2012-11-10 ‎d4:74:a1:25:6a:29:81:a6:6f:bf:4a:21:c5:45:1b:c4:56:73:66:58
Root CA 2009-11-07 C4:9C:E7:14:F0:AF:49:41:65:E0:B9:2B:0A:B8:D3:12:F4:F6:31:A6