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Connecting over SSL (encrypted communication)

For your privacy, we suggest that where possible, users connect to Furnet via a SSL-secured connection. All of Furnet's servers support SSL, on port 6697 with a certificate signed by the Furnet SSL Certificate Authority.

Documentation for mIRC

Documentation for Chatzilla

SSL Configuration

Furnet has recently changed the SSL configuration on the network's servers to provide a simpler and more secure service. Previously, all servers have been using self-signed certificates that were in no way inter-linked. We now have a Furnet certificate authority that issues all certificates for network servers. It is highly suggested that you obtain a copy of the Furnet Root CA, and configure your IRC client to use these certificates when connecting to Furnet servers via SSL.

Server Name Certificate Issued Certificate SHA1 Fingerprint
alicorn.furnet.org 2012-11-10 ‎51:3a:92:90:00:fb:21:5b:79:d0:44:c2:71:5c:4f:4b:ed:3e:2a:a9
coyote.furnet.org 2012-11-10 ‎81:9b:70:c8:9d:3d:b5:46:a3:42:cb:45:03:b3:2b:b2:54:83:3c:94
foxtaur.furnet.org 2009-11-07 8A:D4:46:08:C8:D4:73:40:BA:A8:79:B3:08:F4:6D:4D:EC:51:08:A4
kinglion.furnet.org 2012-11-10 ‎29:cf:8f:31:5d:5d:07:82:36:01:bd:76:32:7c:f8:30:c4:8f:bd:eb
lynx.furnet.org 2012-11-10 ‎00:66:d6:ab:5e:0b:87:f2:94:04:77:67:73:fb:5f:d9:d5:f3:ec:bc
panther.furnet.org 2012-11-10 ‎c8:66:25:4b:55:bd:4c:d5:79:ae:be:1a:f3:5b:5b:3f:ed:ae:17:d0
wolf.furnet.org 2009-11-07 1C:97:7A:43:E9:6D:A0:A4:C1:E2:8A:EF:CE:AE:41:85:9B:29:40:9E
Intermediary CA 2012-11-10 ‎d4:74:a1:25:6a:29:81:a6:6f:bf:4a:21:c5:45:1b:c4:56:73:66:58
Root CA 2009-11-07 C4:9C:E7:14:F0:AF:49:41:65:E0:B9:2B:0A:B8:D3:12:F4:F6:31:A6