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Larger Map

Server List

Server Name IP Address Ports Default Cloaked (+x) Location Server Owner Status



Normal: 6667,6668,6669,7000 SSL: 6697 YES San Antonio, Texas, USA Snowpony, Stephen Online
coyote.furnet.org Normal: 6667,6668,6669,7000 SSL: 6697 NO Sydney, NSW, Australia ShivalWolf, Tursiae Online
foxtaur.furnet.org Normal: 6667,7000 SSL: 6697 YES Baltimore, Maryland, USA Foxxz Online
kinglion.furnet.org Normal: 6667,7000 SSL: 6697 NO Vienna, Austria, Europe KingTaibu Online
lynx.furnet.org Normal: 6667,7000 SSL: 6697 NO Nuremberg, Germany, Europe Eisfuchs Online



Normal: 6667,7000 SSL: 6697 NO Frankfurt, Germany, Europe Hurga Online
wolf.furnet.org Normal: 6667,7000 SSL: 6697 YES Fremont, California, USA ZetaWolf Online

SSL Fingerprints for all servers, and certificates for the issuing CA are available from the SSL Information page.

Special Note: While +i (invisible) and +x (cloaking) are not enabled by default across all servers, the modes are available and can be user applied once connected to any server.

Users do not need to connect to a specific server just to have a cloaked hostmask. It is recommended that you connect to a server geologically closest to your location or use the DNS rotators as outlined below.

Round Robin Addresses

Address Region Servers
irc.furnet.org World Wide All Servers
ipv6.furnet.org World Wide (IPV6) Panther, Alicorn
eu.irc.furnet.org Europe Panther, Kinglion, Lynx
us.irc.furnet.org USA Wolf, Foxtaur, Alicorn
au.irc.furnet.org Australasia Coyote